Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Are You Ready to Camp!?!

Troop 8059 will be camping out at Camp Meadowlark in Atchison on Friday, June 7 – Saturday, June 8, from 5:00 p.m. Until 10:00 a.m. Parents are not required to attend, but we will need a few extra volunteers to help out. Any adults present are required to be registered Girl Scouts and have completed a background check, they must also be girls. (Sorry Dads!) The camp out will be on Girl Scout property, so Daisy girls will be allowed to spend the night. Please RSVP to Mrs. Rebecca by June 1st.
-Mrs.rebeccas@gmail.com or 816-262-6274 or leave a note on our Facebook Page

There will be a camp fee of $5.00 per girl. This will help to cover the cost of the meals. Supper on Friday night will be provided as well as breakfast the next morning. The camp out will be a primitive camp out and the girls will get to have hands on experience. Girls will help to set up and tear down camp. They will also be cooking over the camp fire and helping to clean up. The goal will be to teach the girls about camping and enjoy nature with them.

Here is a list of things the girls will need to pack with them:
Old clothes and layers in case it gets chilly at night
Closed toe shoes – absolutely NO sandals or flip flops
An extra change of clothes
Bug Spray
Tooth brush & toothpaste
Hair Brush & Hair Ties
Wash Rag & Towel
Sleeping Bag
Hat or Bandanna
Flash light

The address to Camp Meadowlark is: 7339 Phillips Road, Atchison, Kansas
GPS or Map Quest will give you correct directions, but the road to the camp is small and can be hard to spot. Be sure you are looking out for the Camp Meadowlark sign.  

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