Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Camp Meadowlark ~ 2012

In August, Troop 8059 girls met at Camp Meadowlark to work on a variety of badges.  The Daisy scouts hiked, baked, learned about the Girl Scout promise and law, studied Kansas nature and learned about first aid.  The Brownies earned 5 legacy badges, painting, fair play, snacks, Brownie first aid and bugs.
It was so much fun getting in touch with nature, learning, and earning badges together.  Not to mention the singing, playing, and eating ;)
 A flag ceremony to start the morning.
 On my honor, I will try...
 Reading about Bugs!
 All about Kansas nature
 Creating Bugs
 Fair Play!
 Limbo, Limbo, Limbo!
 Rare Bog, Rattlin' Bog Way Down In the Valley, Oh!
 Camp Songs!
 The life cycle of a butterfly

 Now, these girls can bake cookies on a campfire!
 Chocolate Chip Campfire Cookies...YUM!
 Bazooka, zooka, Bubble Gum!
 Kansas Collages
 Learning about processed foods!

 A Circle of Friends!
 Posing at Lover's Rock!

I would also like to mention our wonderful volunteers!  We had some amazing help!  Troop 8059 would like to shout out a huge Thank You to helpers Kim, Andrea and Wendy for helping the girls work through all of their badge work.  Thank you to all the leaders, Kelly, Sandy, Julie, Nicole and Noelle for helping to organize, lead and orchestrate.  Thank you to Bruce, Scott and Daniel for cooking and cleaning.  And, Thank you Mr. Matt for smoking us the very best pulled pork ever! 

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