Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Uniforms and Patches ~ How to stick them together ;)

(This post still applies for out troop, for the 2012- 2013 scout year.  However, if you are a junior or cadette, you will find the patch placement links along the side of the blog. ) 

When your Girl Scout is blessed with the joy of receiving her new Girl Scout uniform, you are also blessed...with the task of sticking all of the patches on...properly...and so that they actually stay stuck! 
Well, my hope is that this post will walk you through the process.

You have 2 options as far as getting them to stick is concerned. 
Option #1:  Sewing them on, or asking Granny to sew them on for you. 
Option #2:  Iron-on adhesive. 

I personally prefer Option #2, but I have learned there are some serious do's and don'ts in the process.  I will also share those with you here.

First though you need to know the placement of the glorious patches.

1. Daisy Insignia Tab
2. World Trefoil Pin
3. Daisy Membership Pin
4. Daisy Promise Center & Learning Petals (These will be earned throughout the year.)
5. Daisy Journey Award Patch Set (These will be earned throughout the year.)
6. Cookie Sale Activity Pin (We earn this after cookie sales.)
7. Troop Numerals (ours are 8059)
8. Daisy Council Identification Set
9. American Flag Patch 

1. Brownie Insignia Tab
2. World Trefoil Pin
3. Brownie Membership Pin
4. Cookie Sale Activity Pin (We earn this after cookie sales.)
5. Brownie Journey Award Patch Set (We earn these throughout the year.)
6. Brownie Try-It Badges (These are earned throughout the year.)
7. Bridge to Brownie Girl Scouts Award (These are awarded to girls who have graduated from the Daisy level to the Brownie level.)
8. Safety Award Pin
9, 10, 11. Membership Stars with green & blue discs
12. Troop Numbers (Ours are 8059)
13. Brownie Council Identification Set
14. American Flag Patch

Because this year is the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts, we will also wear a 100th Anniversary Pin.  These will be placed above each girls' insignia tab.

Fun Patches and SWAPs will be placed on the back of the uniform. 

Now, if you choose not to sew your patches on, then it is fine to iron them on.  You must be sure to use HEAVY WEIGHT iron-on adhesive.

I like to use Heat n' Bond.
It comes in sheets, which works much better than the stuff on the spools. 

Lay your patch on the paper side of the adhesive and trace each patch.  Cut out the shape and peel the paper backing from the adhesive.  Place the clear film of adhesive onto the back side of the patch.

Heat fabric with an iron set on med/high heat.  Place your patches where thy need to go.  Double check that they are where they should be and then...

Press with your med/high heat iron for about 30 seconds. 
Press the back side of the patch for 15 - 20 seconds.  Flip it over and let it cool for a minute or two and check to see that the patch is secure.  If not, add a little more heat to the front and back. 

When it is all secure and cooled down, have your precious little Girl Scout model your handy work.  :)

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