Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Introducing....our Girl Scout Mailbox!!

This is our Girl Scout Mailbox.....a foofooed up file folder box. 
It is a lovely way to get information back and forth between girls, parents and leaders.
Each girl and leader has her own file folder.
Complete with her name and a flower :)
If I have something for your girl. 
I will put it in her "mailbox".
If you have something for me,
please put it in my "mailbox".
If you would like to label the stuff you are putting in my mailbox, or if you would like a bit of privacy , there will be envelopes available to put stuff in.

At the end of each meeting, each girl should check her mailbox before leaving.  We will also store our Journey books in our mailboxes when we are through with them, and Journey books will always need to be taken home between meetings. 

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