Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Celebrating Juliette Low ~ October 4 Meeting

18 Girl Scouts and 4 Girl Scout leaders met to celebrate Juliette Low's Birthday.

The girls brought birthday gifts for our troop.
Everyone participated in the opening of the gifts.
Even the Tagalog brothers got to open gifts.
That was fun!

Our girls really know how to pick out great gifts!
Here's what we got:
We can really get a lot of work done with all of that loot!

We also had a flag ceremony.
Which we will have at every meeting. 
We will say the pledge
the Girl Scout Promise
the Girl Scout Law.

That's a lot for the girls to say and remember.
But, believe it or not, in the next few meetings,
they will have it down.

The girls really did a great job!

After our flag ceremony, we worked on our journeys.

Our Brownies discovered 2 keys to their Brownie Quest.
1.  Their valuable qualities and talents that they bring to the quest.
2. The Girl Scout Law.
They will discover the 3rd key in their homework.

Our Daisy Girl Scouts read Chapter 1 in their journey book. 
They also started a Daisy Mini Garden.
The girls planted radishes, basil, marigolds and lettuce.
They were amazed that the tiny little seeds would grow into big plants.
They will be learning about being responsible for what they say and do, as they grow the little seeds into big plants. 
We really had a great meeting! 

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